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Ten years back Seema Sood decided death is an easier option than living and had even petitioned the President of India for euthanasia. But hope triumphed over despair and today, walking with difficulty, but walking nonetheless, after a total knee replacement surgery, the BITS, Pilani gold medalist is ready to take on life once again. The disillusionment was so intense that she wanted permission for mercy killing. But that was then. She regretted a letter to the President of India, still frail an [...]

Crippled for 15 years after an attack of rheumatoid arthritis, Seema was unable to get on with life. In sheer desperation, she had sent a petition to the President of India to allow for euthanasia. The disease had consumed what would have been an illustrious career for a Gold medalist from BITS, Pilani. Thanks to medical advancement and of course divine grace, a knee replacement surgery performed on Seema, has worked wonders for her. With hope of rising like a phoenix, Seema is slowly regaining [...]

A 43-old-woman from Palampur in Himachal Pradesh, who was afflicted by rheumatoid arthritis 21 years back when she was still a student, has sought the right to die, the second time in 6 years. Despite getting the debilitating disease, Seema Sood completed her masters degrees in engineering sciences and information technology from the Birla Institute of Technology & Science (BITS), Pilani, winning a gold medal. She was on a heavy dose of steroids even then. But living with the disease which h [...]