Don’t give up on life. That’s what I say

On 11/07/2008 by Shimona Kanwar

Crippled for 15 years after an attack of rheumatoid arthritis, Seema was unable to get on with life. In sheer desperation, she had sent a petition to the President of India to allow for euthanasia. The disease had consumed what would have been an illustrious career for a Gold medalist from BITS, Pilani.

Thanks to medical advancement and of course divine grace, a knee replacement surgery performed on Seema, has worked wonders for her. With hope of rising like a phoenix, Seema is slowly regaining the movement of her limbs after taking the first few steps last week.

“Everything was so dark for me earlier, but I am excited about my mobility now and I am confident I will improve.”

She is extremely thankful to the Himachal government and the BITS alumni association who have offered financial help for the replacement of all her joints. “This includes the knees, the hips, the shoulders and the elbows. The delayed treatment had made her case complicated and tough,” said Manoj Wadhwa, orthopaedic surgeon in the private Mohali hospital where Seema is undergoing treatment.

All surgeries will be performed on her in gaps of 15 days, which will take her about six months to recover.

“Don’t give up on life. That’s what I say” is the message she gives out to all, as she musters all the courage and determination to bounce back.